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I believe this era is just about observing how others live in this fast-changing world and come up with better implementations of ideas while we are roaming on the internet. There are a lot of tools such as Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and many more you can name, and all these platforms release many wonderful ideas on how to enhance our lifestyle in a more and more productive way.

Here is another series of my writing for Just Better Ideas… I am planning to update this set of ideas as much as I can. I am sharing my ideas from practicing my own perspective. Please, comment if you want to share yours also. Let’s start the series…

Credits: A lemon seed is growing in peace, Sdets&Updates

I have been dreaming about plating all around the world by just arising awareness. One thing I have been practicing is planting seeds of plants right after I eat the fruit of them. For instance, this image is a tiny growing lemon seed.

Have a small amount of soil next to your sink and plant the seed of the apple, lemon, orange, etc. as soon as you peel and start slicing them. I have my balcony turned into a nursery this summer. Lastly, I was planning to just give away those I planted and raised. You can do the same to help nature heal itself. Do not underestimate, please. You know the Butterfly Effect, right?



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